The New England Meat Conference & Junk Removal

The meat and poultry industry is forecasted to continue growing over the next couple of years. It’s anticipated that retail sales will reach approximately $100 billion by 2021. While there has been some hesitation in the markets due to health and safety concerns in the past 5 to 10 years, consumers are starting to embrace red meat once again. In addition to the market increasing as a whole, there is a growing demand for local meat that is organic, grass-fed, and/or cage-free. This means that smaller meat farmers and processors are gaining more importance in the market.

The New England Meat Conference is a special event for New England farms and processors. This two-day event is intended to help the local New England meat industry players by helping them network and teaching them new techniques to improve efficiency and to meet consumer trends and demands. The main objective of the conference is to help New England farms and processors produce meat that is delicious, humanely raised, nutritious, and sustainable. There are four main components to the conference: education, networking, a tradeshow, and a celebration.

New England & Buffalo Relationship to Junk Removal

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Education is perhaps the most important component of the entire two-day conference. Each day is filled with numerous sessions all focused on educating farmers and processors on current trends, changes in the industry, etc. These educational sessions are focused on numerous aspects of production, processing, and marketing. Some of the sessions are in lecture format or roundtable format, while others are live demonstrations or even hands-on demonstrations. Past educational sessions include using social media, a look at emerging markets, how to survive a recall, improving genetics, building farmer and processor relationships, etc. Educational sessions are presented by local industry players as well as experts from across the country.

Networking with top Junk Experts in Buffalo

The New England Meat Conference pulls together individuals from all different areas of the meat industry. Past attendees have included chefs, farmers, distributors, processors, trash experts, government officials, and consumers. The layout of the conference is intended to help you network with others over roundtable discussions as well as during the more social aspects of the conference. It allows individuals to learn from and connect with others that operate in the different states throughout New England. Past conferences have helped connect farmers and processors, have helped goat farmers find finishing farmers, and have helped smaller players connect with others in the industry helping them scale up.

Who are the top Trash Companies?

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Trade Show

Another key aspect of the New England Meat Conference is the trade-show that occurs across the span of the two-day conference. This trade show hosts companies with products and services that can help improve attendees’ operations. Vendors offer a wide variety of products and services. Past participants and companies have offered products and services related to ingredients, packaging, labeling, scales, etc. Vendors also include technology companies that can help improve the efficiency of the attendees’ operations, as well as insurance agencies and financing companies. The tradeshow features vendors that are local to the New England area, as well as vendors that operate nationwide and internationally.