The celebratory aspect of the conference is the most anticipated part of the conference. The most popular event at the New England Need to Conference is the Meat Ball. The first day of the conference is concluded with a celebration complete with dancing and live music. The celebration also includes samplings of local needs as well as an awards ceremony.

So Why Do We Need a Dumpster Rental Company at a Meat Conference?

This conference is intended to help educate local farmers and processors so that they can implement new techniques and technologies to improve the efficiency of their operations.  the local industry has always been in competition with bigger farms and national players. However, the trend towards local meats and grass-fed meat is giving the local industry greater importance.

Sustainability is a huge part of why the conference has been started. There are several educational sessions dedicated to helping processors, butchers, chefs, etc. to understand how to use more of each animal. The conference aims to help people move beyond the traditional grocery store cuts of steaks and roasts.

The conference also helps the local industry understands national trends and local trends, helping them run their operations. Forecasted trends are also discussed as well as the impact of past trends. All of this can help the local industry operate better and take advantage of predicted consumer demands.

With the trend towards vegetarianism and other Meat-free diets, it is essential that the local meat and poultry industry focus on innovation and providing healthy forms of protein. Gone are the days of consumers picking the cheapest meat available. Nowadays, consumers are looking for premium products including organic, grass-fed, and cage-free meats. There is also a trend towards snacks that include meat will and consumers are placing increasing importance on the quality of the proteins in their diet.

How meat conferences go beyond just dumpster service

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The New England Meat Conference aims to help the local market cope with and adjust to these new and emerging trends. In an effort to provide as much value as possible, the conference operates on a biennial schedule. This gives attendees a chance to implement what they have learned and gives adequate time to address changing trends.

The conference also aims to help improve how animals are raised as part of the local meat and poultry industry. Raising animals humanely is a primary concern throughout the local meat industry and practices that assist in this are promoted and taught at the conference. Changes will only come about in the industry if farmers and processors are educated about the humane methods available so that they can implement them in their own operations.

Who Organizes the Conference?

The conference is organized by a steering committee with members from each of the six New England states. Additionally, the event is funded by numerous organizations. Past sponsors have included Animal Welfare Approved, The Beef Checkoff Program, Adams Farm Slaughterhouse, Northeast Laboratory Services, Inc., Cornerstone Farm Ventures, Stonyfield, and Vermont Grass Farmers Association.